Vertical Panoramic Smitten Kittens - 500 Piece Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle by Jenny Newland

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500 piece Puzzle
Puzzle Size:
Finished 9 inch x 27 inch vertical panoramic puzzle
Quality thick pieces ensure a tight interlocking fit


This MasterPieces 9" x 27" 500PC Vertical Puzzle captures the magnificent art of Jenny Newland. Smitten Kittens puzzle features kittens gathered together mischievously on top a pile of books. Watch as they glare so deeply with those big colored eyes. It’s easy to know they are up to something. Through their remarkable eyes, Jenny Newland’s precious puppies and kittens are brought to life with colorful detail and sweet expressions. Jenny is able to capture the personalities of her adorable subjects so well, because she and her family are surrounded at home by four dogs, fifteen cats and various farm animals. To reduce its impact on our environment, the chipboard used in this puzzle is made of recycled material.