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Chaos Engine 7 Piece Gaming Dice Set

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Chaos Engine 7 Piece Gaming Dice Set

Prepare to dive headlong into the chaotic abyss with our Chaos Engine 7 Piece Gaming Dice Set. These dice are not merely tools of chance; they are the very embodiment of anarchy, forged in oil and fire, infused with the relentless spirit of the Machine Gods.

Product Highlights:

šŸ”„ Forged in Oil & Fire: These dice are no ordinary gaming tools. They are born from the fiery depths of creation, where the Machine Gods bestow their iron will upon them, crafting a relentless force of chaos. They promise to deliver results that are both unpredictable and electrifying.

šŸ”© Real Metal Gears: In a world where chaos reigns, real metal gears are embedded within each die. These intricate and authentic gears add a tactile and visual dimension to your gaming experience, making each roll a spectacle in itself.

Note of Chaos:

Beware, brave adventurers, for these dice may not always play fair. The weight of the metal gears within them can tip the scales towards chaos, making each roll an unpredictable journey. The positioning of the gears is entirely random in each shape and set of dice, ensuring that chaos rules supreme.

The Chaos Engine 7 Dice Set includes:

  • 1-D4 (21mm): Spin the wheel of fate and let the chaos unravel.

  • 1-D6 (16mm): Embrace the roll of the dice, where anything can happen.

  • 1-D8 (16mm): Navigate through the unpredictability of the eight-sided die.

  • 1-D10 (16mm): Delve into the unknown with the ten-sided die.

  • 1-D% (16mm): The percentile die holds the secrets of fate, waiting to be discovered.

  • 1-D12 (18mm): Harness the chaos of the dodecahedron and let it guide your destiny.

  • 1-D20 (22mm): Confront challenges and decisions with the iconic twenty-sided die, where chaos reigns supreme.

Immerse Yourself in Chaos:

These dice aren't just gaming tools; they're an invitation to embrace the unpredictable. Whether you're a daring adventurer or a cunning strategist, the Chaos Engine Gaming Dice Set will keep you on the edge of your seat, ready for whatever chaos unfolds.

Unique and Unpredictable:

No two sets are alike, thanks to the random positioning of the gears. Each roll promises an unpredictable outcome, ensuring that your gaming experience remains fresh and exhilarating.

Ignite the fires of chaos and elevate your gaming to uncharted territories with our "Chaos Engine 7 Piece Gaming Dice Set." Embrace the anarchy, face the unknown, and let chaos decide your fate. Order your set today and become a true agent of the Machine Gods!

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