What Should You Do With Your Puzzle Once It's Finished?

Sep 21st 2021

frame your puzzle

You finally did it - you took the time, worked hard, and now you've finished your massive 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Now what? Once you've finished your puzzle, you might not always know exactly what to do with it next. If you've finally finished those difficult puzzles that have been giving you trouble, here are a few options on what to do with them next.

  • Start again: After finishing a puzzle, one of the easiest things to do with it is to take it apart and start again at a later date. While you might remember what the final image is supposed to look like, it's unlikely you'll be able to remember the right position for each piece of your 1000 piece puzzles. This means you'll be able to put it back together again at a later date. However, for tough puzzles, it can feel frustrating to take it apart after spending so much time on it.

  • Move onto a new one: If you're wanting to keep up the hard puzzling work you've been doing but don't want to restart on the same one, consider picking up a new puzzle that's a bit more difficult than your last one. The neurotransmitter, dopamine, is produced when doing puzzles; this is why puzzles can be so fun and why you might want to immediately start on a new puzzle after finishing one.

  • Give it to someone else: If you're willing to take apart and part with your puzzle, they can be a great item to pass on to someone else. Whether you're giving it to a friend or saving your easy puzzles for a child in your family, puzzles are easy to pass from person to person so everyone can get a turn to solve them.

  • Frame your puzzle: If you've worked hard enough on your hard puzzles that you don't want to let them go just yet or take them apart, another option available is to frame your puzzle. Framing puzzles is a great way to keep them for longer periods of time, and even gives you the ability to hang them up on a wall as art for your home.

There are plenty of options for things to do with your puzzle once you've finished it. What do you plan to do with your big jigsaw puzzle once it's done?