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How Family Game Night Can Help Your Children Excel

Nov 1st 2019

There are a lot of digital gaming options for kids today. While some of them can be beneficial, it’s still important to unplug and focus on more traditional activities. With the most synaptic connecti … read more

6 Reasons Why Jigsaw Puzzles are Important

Nov 1st 2019

There is a huge appreciation going around for vintage items, and this has seen an increase in the sales of vinyl records, mission style furniture and classic dad sneakers. Jigsaw puzzles and board gam … read more

Here’s Why You Should Play Puzzles More Frequently

Oct 3rd 2019

For millennia, puzzles have been popular in cultures all over the world. Historically, the first known puzzle was a dissection of a square that Archimedes made mention of in 250BC. Since then, puzzles … read more
Looking for Some Fun Away From the Screen? Try a Puzzle!

Looking for Some Fun Away From the Screen? Try a Puzzle!

Sep 13th 2019

In a culture that seems to always be distracted by phones, laptops, or televisions, the need for fun activities away from the screen is greater than ever. But most people have no idea how to begin a n … read more