Vertical Panoramic Day Dreams - 500 Piece Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle

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500 piece Puzzle
Puzzle Size:
Finished 9 inch x 27 inch vertical panoramic puzzle
Quality thick pieces ensure a tight interlocking fit


This MasterPieces 9" x 27" 500PC Vertical Puzzle captures the magnificent art of David Miller. Day Dreams puzzle features ¬a majestic ocean side scene capturing life under the water. Dolphins swim so curiously around the remains of a sunken ship surrounded by coral and other growing vegetation. David Miller is an internationally acclaimed marine artist whose talent as a colorist is exceptional. His extraordinary palette of colors is at once exotic, yet realistic of the habitat he paints. David’s personal pursuit has always been that of the environment. Virtually all of his creations depict an aspect of the natural world. He has spent many hours diving in the beautiful waters of the Hawaiian Islands, Jamaica, California, and Mexico in order to create his magnificent scenes. To reduce its impact on our environment, the chipboard used in this puzzle is made of recycled material.