Why Should You Solve a 1000-Piece Puzzle Frame?

Do you know that the oldest known puzzle is a dissection of a square mentioned by Archimedes around 250 BC?

Puzzles have been around for centuries, partially because of the myriad of benefits they offer for the human mind. In general, humans are curious creatures who want to constantly learn and solve problems. This problem-solving ability is encoded on our DNA to prepare us to face the challenges that may come up for sustenance and survival.

But modern-day living has obliterated the need for such challenges. Still, the urge to solve remains in our DNA and this explains why we instantly take to solving a 1000 piece puzzle frame -- just like how a fish takes to water.

Of course, we solve puzzles due to more than natural instinct. The benefits puzzles can provide should be enough to convince anyone to take part. Let's take a look at a few such benefits now.


Brain Growth

Research has overwhelmingly shown the relationship between good mental health and hard puzzles. When a child is young, the brain is learning and making connections. Science says that the brain makes most connections before a child turns 10 and this is why “tuning” your brain in the right direction lays the foundation for the future. A fun way to help your brain make the right connections is by solving a 1000 piece puzzle frame. You can opt for 2000 piece jigsaw puzzles too if they'd challenge you! In all though, starting early and introducing your kids to easy puzzles is a key part of their mental growth.

Cognitive Protection

A big jigsaw puzzle is a must not only for the young mind but also for the aging mind. Taking part in puzzles can slow down the aging process and prevent the degenerative diseases. When you keep your brain active by solving a 1000 piece puzzle frame every day, your brain's connections will remain intact. In turn, this will reduce the possibility of degenerative diseases.

Just Plain Fun

If the above reasons about brain health don't convince you, fair enough! But puzzles are undoubtedly a fun and engaging way to spend your time. In fact, a 1000 piece puzzle frame can be a great way to spend some quality time with your friends and family members. This simple activity can boost your relationship in a big way. Solving difficult puzzles is a great way to bond with your loved one as you get to do something interesting together.

The above reasons are not an exhaustive list but are intended to open your mind and thoughts to the benefits of a big jigsaw puzzle. We hope this enthuses you to try a 1000 piece puzzle frame today!