Why Jigsaw Puzzles Are Great for Stress Relief


Finding a stress-free hobby may be counterintuitive because you might give yourself anxiety while trying to figure it out. You can take numerous avenues to find a fulfilling and satisfying activity, but one of the most elite pursuits is solving a jigsaw puzzle.

If you are a fan of reading to unwind, pivoting to the beautiful world of jigsaw puzzling is a seamless transition. Learn why jigsaw puzzles are great for stress relief and find a soothing new diversion from everyday life.


Comforting Touch

If you are a novice to jigsaw puzzles, you may not understand the impression that sorting through the pieces gives you. The feeling of running your fingers through the pieces will stimulate your brain.

No pieces feel the same. You'll find that some feel silkier and smoother, while others may have a hint more ruggedness to them. Every piece is different, and you will soon discover which pieces give you that unique calming sense. Aside from the material of the pieces, there is something rewarding about working with your hands. This process may not as be as elaborate as fixing an engine in a car or tuning up your furnace, but it still feels great to shuffle the pieces and parts.

Greater Sense of Control

The minor inconveniences you experience throughout the day may be beyond your control, making it beneficial to get your paws on a puzzle and its pieces. You are in complete control when you are face-to-face with a jigsaw puzzle.

That work project takes a backseat in your mind, as does the costly home repair you have to budget around. Instead, you can be in charge of solving the controllable problem right in front of you. Feeling in control helps settle any lingering thoughts an individual may have, tabling those hectic and racing ideas.

Shift Your Focus

At times, the stress of life can overwhelm your mental capacity. Your thoughts may consist entirely of your job, family, or whatever else is needling you during the day. Shifting your focus to use your brainwaves on a jigsaw puzzle is an excellent way to shelve those stressors.

Grab a puzzle that elicits some fond memories. Concentrating on organizing the pieces by color and size will calm you instantly, especially if you’re putting together a puzzle of something that means a lot to you. For example, if you have a favorite movie, geographic location, or serene landscape, immersing yourself in that puzzle will help you feel like you're already there.


You may not have a museum nearby where you can appreciate the finest works in the world, and you also likely don't want to spend thousands of dollars on original artwork. Engulfing yourself into your completed jigsaw masterpieces proves ample opportunities to get in a Zen state.

Daily meditation will assist in your mental well-being and your physical health. A calm demeanor does wonders to lower your blood pressure, which can be very beneficial if you struggle with elevated levels.

An Achievable Goal To Complete

The endgame of any puzzle is placing that final piece in its respective slot. That moment of bliss and sense of accomplishment requires a celebration. However, the last part of the puzzle is like winning a war—it rarely accounts for the small battles that lead up to it.

Filling out the border of the puzzle or resolving the troubling water or cloud portion is a significant victory to celebrate. The hardest part of finishing the puzzle you're working on is figuring out what 750-piece puzzles for adults is next.

Positive Way To Spend Alone Time

If you juggle a full-time job, being a parent, and any other extracurriculars that occupy your time, you may find it challenging to take time for yourself. Thus, sifting through your puzzle pieces in a quiet, isolated part of your home provides you with valuable alone time.

Set aside a window of time and let everyone know that you want an hour or two free from interruptions. Additionally, solving your puzzle shortly before bedtime will likely allow you to sleep longer and more soundly. Before you hit the hay, exhaust your brainpower with a jigsaw puzzle; it will make your bed feel like paradise.

Fun for the Whole Family

It is vital to have alone time to solve your chosen puzzle. But you can have the best of both worlds if you add a secondary puzzle to your arsenal to solve together as a family. When working as a family, choose a puzzle that looks enjoyable and can easily be completed by everyone, including your children.

Furthermore, working as a group offers everyone valuable lessons about teamwork. The only issue that might arise is who gets to put in the final piece. An easy compromise is for everyone to place a finger on the final piece as you insert it. Between completing the two puzzles, your anxiety should start to subside considerably.

Productive Retail Therapy

If you are prone to using shopping as a stress reliever, you will feel great joy when shopping for the next picture-perfect puzzle. Most retail therapy consists of minuscule material goods that offer little reward. Instead, use that overpowering need for comfort buying to purchase a new puzzle.

The hobby can become addictive, especially if you are trying to complete a theme with each puzzle. For example, puzzles that feature classic cars, vintage living, or rustic scenery look exquisite when completed, giving you resources to enhance your home's aesthetic. Regardless of the overwhelming desire to purchase every puzzle you set your eyes on, try to stay within a budget before you find yourself knee-deep in unopened boxes, which will create a whole new problem.

Solving puzzles is a brilliant hobby for those looking for a new venture, as there are more than enough benefits to reap from the endeavor. For instance, your short-term memory will be sharp, and you'll exercise both sides of your brain.

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