Why Frame Your 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles?

Piecing together a 2000 or 1000 piece puzzle is a great challenge even for the smartest of minds. In spite of being challenging, jigsaw puzzles are a cool way to stimulate your thinking and relieve stress. But what should you do with your completed difficult puzzle? Once all the pieces are in place you can dismantle it and start again, or you could pass it on to a friend.

This blog post gives you some ideas on what you can do to your puzzle to keep your feeling of accomplishment always alive.


How Do Jigsaw Puzzles Benefit Your Life

Solving puzzles is one of the best ways to spend your leisure time. You can have fun while stimulating your mind. The process leads to the release of the dopamine neurotransmitter that is responsible for reinforcing motor control, motivation, arousal, reinforcement, and executive functions.

This physiological process is good for your mental stimulation and that of your kids or old parents. The human brain makes many of its cell connections before age 10, and these puzzles are an ideal tool to stimulate this process.

The Most Memorable Thing to Do to Your Puzzle

There are many ingenious ways on how to handle your finished jigsaw puzzles. You can gift your puzzle to a friend, you can use its pieces to make art, or you could dismantle and start solving it again. But the most memorable thing to do to your 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is to frame it for posterity.

The Benefits of Framing Your Jigsaw Puzzles

Like all gaming accomplishments, you'd most likely want to always remember the moment when you first finished a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Framing the completed puzzle with all the pieces in place gives a sense of pride for your accomplishment. The framed puzzle can also act as some beautiful wall decor that preserves the pieces of the jigsaw puzzles.

How Do You Frame Your Big Jigsaw Puzzle

As a jigsaw puzzle lover that wants to take your world of puzzles to the next level, you should acquire a craft kit and some few materials such as glue and duct tape. If you want to do this task as a DIY project, then you'll need to find a 1000 piece puzzle frame for your 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles. Making a 1000 piece puzzle frame is a daunting task if you're new to the picture or art framing craft.

However, you could shorten the process by buying a ready-made 1000 piece puzzle frame from your local craft and art shop. You should then seek the help of your local professional artisan who'll help you in framing your jigsaw puzzle. Local art and picture framing store artisans have the prowess to do a perfect jigsaw puzzle framing job.

How Do You Transport Your Jigsaw Puzzle to Your Local Craft Store?

First, you have to glue all the pieces together. After that, you should sandwich the glued puzzle pieces between two flat pieces of cardboard. The two cardboard pieces can be tied together to ensure that they don't fall apart.

Dry Mounting and Framing at the Craft Store

Once at the craft store, you should request your artisan to dry-mount the pieces of your 1000 piece puzzles to a sturdy foam board to make sure that the pieces of the puzzle don't fall apart. The artisan will then find an ideal 1000 piece puzzle frame for your puzzle and mount the foam board onto to the frame's background and frame just as you would do to any poster.

After framing your puzzle on a 1000 piece puzzle frame, you should ensure that it's covered with some glass, which will shield your puzzle pieces from any damage. The glass cover will also prevent the pieces from falling apart and collapsing from the frame. You should choose a UV-resistant glass to prevent the puzzle's pieces from fading away and losing their vibrant colors.

Hanging puzzles can make magnificent decor for your rooms. They are a way to show your pride in a glamorous display. Frame your completed puzzle to display your puzzle-solving prowess and preserve them for posterity!