What’s the Best Way To Do a Jigsaw Puzzle?

Puzzles are the perfect rainy-day activity. You can sit around a table and challenge your mind—all while having fun! Yet beginner puzzlers may not know the best way to complete one of these masterpieces. Fear not, newbies! This article will answer the question: What’s the best way to do a jigsaw puzzle?


Find a Useable Workspace

Before any puzzle-making magic can begin, you have to find the right workspace. For starters, make sure you have enough room to complete the puzzle in its entirety. There’s nothing worse than trying to finish a 750-piece jigsaw puzzle and running out of room to do so. Consider clearing off your dining table and flipping up all the pieces before you start to build. Once you know where you’re working, the fun can begin.

Put Similar Pieces Together

Your table will probably look like a mess after you dump out all of the puzzle pieces. Try your best not to panic! Start by grouping all of the similar pieces together. For example, if there’s a flower in the image, try to find all of the flower pieces before constructing. A pro tip from an expert puzzler: You can never underestimate organization. Get your pieces in order before doing anything else.

Make a Border

Every professional puzzler knows how critical it is to make the border of a puzzle before doing the inside. By putting together the border first, you’ll have a frame for how big the image is. From there, you can work your way inside and begin to look at the pieces you grouped together. It’ll make your life so much easier to start from the outside in.

This article has answered the age-old question regarding the best way to do a jigsaw puzzle. Well, if you find the right workspace, group pieces together, and make the border first, you’ll be in good shape. Now that you know these top tips, take a look at our collection of puzzles today. We have something for everyone—beginner or expert.