What Factors Determine a Jigsaw Puzzle’s Quality?

What Factors Determine a Jigsaw Puzzle’s Quality?

Puzzles are a blast! They challenge you to use your critical thinking skills, and you feel so satisfied when they’re complete. Yet not all jigsaw puzzles are created equal. In fact, there are a few factors that determine a jigsaw puzzle’s quality that every game-lover should know.


Image Quality

Every experienced puzzler knows how vital a quality image is. Without a crystal-clear picture, you won’t be able to tell what you’re trying to put together. Additionally, it’ll be nearly impossible to complete the entire thing without a clear image on hand. Puzzling should be an enjoyable experience! You shouldn’t be frustrated because you can’t see the picture. The final reason why a quality image is important is that you want to feel satisfied when you’re done. You deserve to be proud of your creation when you finish! It’d be awful if you were squinting trying to figure out what it was, instead.

Puzzle Cut

Everyone runs into this scenario when they’re puzzling: you have one piece that you have no idea where it goes! Luckily, most of the time, you figure out where the piece fits and move on. However, what if a piece actually didn’t fit in the puzzle? This situation can become a possibility if the pieces of the puzzle aren’t cut properly. Jigsaw puzzles have to be precise so that you can put them together as intended.

What About Adhesive?

Your puzzle will never look top-notch if the adhesive doesn’t hold the image together. Moreover, it’d be impossible to figure out what goes where if the picture is ripping at the seams. Another factor that may have you thinking twice about the puzzle’s adhesive is toxicity. Some adhesives are toxic, which makes them unsafe for children. It’s best to buy a firmly constructed puzzle so everyone can have fun and be safe.

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