Tips to Help You Piece Together Your New Puzzle With Aplomb

Tips to Help You Piece Together Your New Puzzle With Aplomb

Research shows that puzzles activate our brains while relaxing us psychologically, putting our brains into a meditative state. That being said, it can be very relaxing to sit back and enjoy the process of piecing together a puzzle. Whether you enjoy 300 piece puzzles, 2000 piece puzzles, or anything in between, you should know that there's a method to your madness that can help you piece them together like a professional. Here are just a few top tips to help you assemble any puzzle with aplomb.


Start Small

If you're still a novice at assembling jigsaw puzzles, take this into consideration when determining what size of puzzle to begin with. Experts say 300 piece puzzles can help you work on various strategies and discover what works for you before you graduated onto puzzles with more pieces.

"Try puzzles with simple scenes, large pieces, and a minimal number of pieces. For example, a 50 to 300 piece rectangular puzzle allows you to experiment with different methods for assembling your puzzle in a short amount of time. Graduate to a larger number of pieces (such as a puzzle with 300 to 1000 pieces, or even larger) once you’re confident assembling puzzles with the method you’ve chosen," writes WikiHow.

Pick the Right Work Area

When considering a surface to scatter the pieces of your puzzle, bigger is always better. A coffee table isn't ideal since you really want to be able to lay all of the pieces out at once to look for patterns. Try to set up the puzzle on a larger surface, like your dinner table, for maximum visual effect.

Work on the Border

When you're ready to start assembling the puzzle, it often helps to gather all of the edge pieces and connect the full border first. Then, separate the remaining pieces based on where you think they belonging in the puzzle. Be patient and stay focused -- the end result is completely worth it!

Ultimately, there's no 'right' way to complete a puzzle, but these smart tips can help you ensure that every piece finds its proper place. For more information about 2000 piece jigsaw puzzles, contact Masterpieces.