Things You Do That You Didn't Know Were Meditation

Things You Do That You Didn't Know Were Meditation

When most people think of meditation, their mind conjures images of someone sitting uncomfortably on the floor, paying close attention to his or her breathing. However, there are a number of tasks which fulfill the same role without the traditional meditation methods. These activities all succeed in promoting mindfulness and relaxing the mind and body, and guess what -- you've already done most, if not all, of them.



Someone who is cooking is not automatically meditating. If you have the T.V. on, you're checking your texts, or you're talking to someone while you are cooking, then no meditation is taking place. However, if you are fully attuned to the task at hand, chopping vegetables with intention and noting how the ingredients feel in your hands, you are practicing mindfulness. Make sure to maintain this mindful state throughout the entire process. Note the sights and sounds which occur while your food is cooking. When it is finished, eat without distractions, fully taking in each bite. You will finish your lunch or dinner feeling relaxed, refreshed, and focused.

Working on a jigsaw puzzle

When most people buy a 1000 pc puzzle, they believe they are simply getting a fun activity to pass the time. However, easy puzzles, moderately difficult puzzles, and hard puzzles all serve to stimulate the release of dopamine, a mood-enhancing neurotransmitter. What else causes the brain to produce this important chemical? Meditation. Individuals with higher levels of dopamine will find they have lower blood pressure, heart rate, and other physiological factors associated with relaxation. Order a 1000 pc puzzle from Masterpieces and bring more zen into your life.


Taking a long, luxurious bath is a famous method for winding down and achieving deep relaxation. Yet it turns out you don't need candles, a bath bomb, and an hour of free time to achieve a peaceful state while cleaning your body. You can simply take a shower and focus on the direct sensations evoked by the experience. Typically, showers are regarded as a purely utilitarian hygienic affair. Yet by pushing the day's worries and stresses out of your mind and simply paying attention to the way your body feels, you can transform your morning or evening shower into meditation.

Clearly, meditation is much more accessible than most people think. Utilize these daily activities and live a more mindful, relaxed life.