These NFL Board Games Make the Offseason a Little Easier

These NFL Board Games Make the Offseason a Little Easier

Watching the Super Bowl is always bittersweet. Yes, the game is fun to watch, especially when your team comes out on top. But it's also a sign that the football season is coming to a close. The offseason seems to go at a snail's pace, making these NFL board games that make the offseason a little easier vital to satiate your football cravings.



Any card game that's fun to play head-to-head is always a hit. With cribbage, you can play the game with up to six players, making it a flexible option for avid card players. A cribbage game requires a board and pegs to keep track of your score, which can be challenging to do without an authentic cribbage set. Luckily, among the football board games for sale at MasterPieces, we have cribbage sets for many of your favorite teams.


You can't go wrong with a classic game of checkers because it doesn't require any sharp math skills. Like football, seeing nothing but an open field in front of you is a beautiful sight. However, instead of going for a touchdown, you’re racing down the field to become a king. Opt for an NFL-themed check set featuring a gridiron board and team stickers to mark the pieces. Play out epic rivalries on the field of checkers.


Dice have been around for thousands of years, and various games use them. Grab a dice set with your favorite team’s colors and logo, and make a statement at your next game night. You can even use the branded dice in any board game; hopefully, they’ll bring you a little luck.


Pull out your NFL Gridiron Trivia game and test the knowledge of all your friends. If you can remember your team drafting a certain offensive lineman in the 2012 NFL Draft, this is your time to shine. Just make sure your trivia partners know about more than just your hometown team.


A fun game you can do with your kids that requires zero skill, and all luck is bingo. MasterPieces Puzzles & Games has several NFL Bingo sets that replace the letters and numbers of the classic game with icons representing teams such as the Patriots and the Cowboys, among others. You won’t win a Super Bowl ring but can offer other small prizes for the winner.

Choosing one of these NFL board games that make the offseason a little easier can help pass the time until your fantasy football draft in late August. Plus, you can bust out one of these games for an opening kickoff party. MasterPieces Puzzles & Games has selections for all your favorite teams, so please check out our selection today!