5 Simple Reasons Why You Need a Jigsaw Puzzle

According to a recent article by CBS News, during the Great Depression puzzles exploded in popularity with as many as 10 million puzzles being done every week! Did you know when you do a puzzle, your brain produces more of the neurotransmitter, dopamine (known as the feel-good chemical in your brain)?

In recent weeks there's been an explosion in puzzle and board game sales. Craft kits, family games, and puzzles are in very high demand.

With kids at home, parents are looking for indoor activities to engage their kids. In addition to stress being at an all-time high, adults are also looking for activities to calm their minds. Puzzles are a fun, go-to activity to help decrease anxiety for all ages; from easy puzzles for young kids to super challenging puzzles for adults!

There are so many different types of puzzles available. From big jigsaw easy puzzles, moderately easy puzzles featuring animals and sports, 2000 piece puzzles, wood puzzles to extremely hard puzzles.

Why are puzzles so good for us? Here are a couple of reasons why puzzles are the greatest thing since sliced bread!


1. Focus

Puzzles allow us to focus on one thing, almost putting us in a meditative state. We forget everything else going on around us.

2. Anxiety

Being able to focus on one thing calms the brain, easing anxiety and stress levels.

3. Quiet

Putting together a puzzle is a quiet activity. No loud noise from a video game or TV, no jumping or running around; it's a relaxing activity that allows your brain to rest.

4. No Social Media

Allowing yourself to focus on putting together some fun easy puzzles (or challenging ones) hopefully has you steering away from mindlessly scrolling through your social media feeds. Social media and news websites have been shown to dramatically increase our stress levels and deplete our feel-good dopamine levels.

5. Satisfaction

There's nothing quite like putting that final piece into a puzzle you've worked at putting together! The sense of satisfaction and pride is a wonderful feeling. It doesn't matter if you enjoy putting the easy puzzles or the tough puzzles together, that feeling of completing something is wonderful.

When was the last time you built a jigsaw puzzle? How did you feel afterward? If you don't remember, then it has absolutely been too long! Dig out an old puzzle or find a brand new one that you'll enjoy putting together by yourself or with a friend or family member.