5 Reasons Your Child Should be Doing Puzzles

Did you know that movement gets your brain going? Studies have shown that if you have an active body, you have an active brain, which makes learning a hands-on activity. This doesn’t just apply to adults, but to children as well, and includes playing games like the Animal Planet Game.

However, the Animal Planet Game is more than just a game that you allow your kids to play, it’s a big jigsaw puzzle that not only keeps them entertained but challenges their minds as well. If you’re still not convinced that a game is the best way for your little one to spend their time, read on below for a few of the top reasons that the Animal Planet Game and even 300 piece jigsaw puzzles are indeed the way to go.


They Help to Improve and Practice Spelling

There are not only easy puzzles out there, but there are also word puzzles as well. Sitting down to do one of these with your child helps them to improve on and practice their spelling. Whether they are moderately difficult puzzles or hard puzzles, there is something to be said for having fun while still learning, don’t you think?

They Foster Persistence

If you have ever done a puzzle yourself, then you know how challenging they can be to put together. If your child really gets into a puzzle, they are going to want to finish it. If they run into a hard time with it, they will be willing to sit and mull it over, which will foster persistence and a desire to complete what they start.

Just remember, that even with a puzzle game, you don’t want your child to get frustrated and want to quit. You can do this by starting with easy puzzle games and then working your way up in difficulty when your child is ready to move up a level.

You can do them as a Family

Another great reason to let your child do puzzles is that they can be done as a family. Instead of your child sitting up under a TV or on a video game all day, you can gather them together as a family and have some good old-fashioned game time. Make a night of it, by making a bowl of popcorn, some hot cocoa, and just have fun with an old-fashioned puzzle game that everyone will love and enjoy.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Puzzles have been known to increase hand-eye coordination in young children as well. The act of figuring out which piece goes where next and then placing it, have them practicing everything from cognitive skills to so much more, without them even realizing it. How’s that for learning while they play?

Increases Problem Solving Skills

Solving puzzles also increases a child’s problem-solving skills. They have to figure out where the next piece goes, which means they have to use not only their hands but their brains as well.

These are just a few of the top reasons that you should be letting your child play puzzle games like the Animal Planet Game and more today. Go one step further and play with them. You’ll be happy that you did, because doing things together as a family is one of the most important things you’ll ever do, and you’ll be making memories as well.