5 NFL Board Games That Make Football Sunday Even Better

5 NFL Board Games That Make Football Sunday Even Better

No matter if you’re focused on your favorite squad or your fantasy team, it can be mentally exhausting to watch football all day long. The stress of an NFL Sunday takes a lot of emotional energy to get through. So, give yourself a mental break by thinking about getting one of the five NFL board games that make football Sunday even better.


Put Together Jigsaw Puzzles

If you want to prove you have more brainpower than your favorite team’s head coach that wasted their second timeout early in the second half, consider getting a 1,000-piece football puzzle to solve during the downtimes. Working on puzzles stimulates both sides of your brain, offering a simple stress reliever when the game starts to tighten up. Get the coffee table out and put together a puzzle by yourself or with family and friends as the playoffs approach.

Orchestrate a Poker Game

While it might necessarily be a board game, organizing a poker game is an excellent way to spend some time with others during the big game. Both activities are lengthy and may have some lulls throughout them. However, doing them simultaneously can be exhilarating. You don’t need to play for big stakes—or any stakes—to enjoy the thrill of making your flush draw on the river.

Play Matching Game With the Kids

The matching game is a game as old as time. The odds are you first learned to play the game when you were a youngster at your grandparent’s house. If you have a little one of your own, it is a beautiful way to get them interested in the game of football while boosting their memory. It’s an easy way to learn parts of the game, like positions and terminology. Plus, if you want to put a smile on their face, it’s one game you can let them win without looking suspicious.

Set Up a Trivia Contest

If there’s anything football fans love more than the actual game, it’s reminiscing about teams and players from years past. Go ahead and grab your favorite team’s trivia cards to show off your knowledge. You might even learn a thing or two, like who leads your franchise in sacks, interceptions, or points scored.

Bust Out Some Checkers

Checkers is a good game that’s rewarding to win because it requires some strategy. When your club reaches the opposite endzone, they get six points. But when you reach your opponent’s endzone in checkers, you become a king. You can use a set of your team’s helmets and throw on a facemask when those pieces become kings.

Choosing any of the five NFL board games that make football Sunday even better is brilliant for the occasion. If you want a quiet day at home with the kids, the matching game and checkers fit the bill. Or if you want to earn a little extra coin amongst friends, play some poker. Regardless of your motivation, MasterPieces Puzzles & Games has what you need!