4 Tips and Tricks for Framing Your Jigsaw Puzzles

Completing a jigsaw puzzle is only half the battle. Framing your puzzle is the other half. After all, if it’s a gorgeous piece of artwork, you want to display it proudly. Follow these four tips and tricks for framing your jigsaw puzzles to make them look immaculate.


Double-Check Measurements

Every puzzle you buy has the dimensions on the box. You might imagine it’s easy to find a frame to accommodate your efforts using those measurements. However, the dimensions on the box may be a fraction of an inch off, causing you to have to find a different frame.

Instead of taking the measurements at face value, double-check the completed puzzle to find the precise measurements. You don’t want to cram your puzzle to fit in the frame because it could damage the puzzle and lose its visual appeal.

Another thing to consider is the puzzle’s thickness. Some puzzles are thicker than others, making them difficult to fit in a traditional picture frame. Asking questions or finding frames that are better suited for thicker puzzles ensures that you will be able to frame your puzzle.

Flatten It

It is important to get your puzzle as flat as possible to frame it.  Puzzles occasionally have a wayward component that comes out of position. The natural reaction is to use some force and put it back in place, which may cause another piece to come loose. 

To avoid pulling your hair out from the never-ending cycle of rising pieces, use a tool to flatten the entire puzzle without damaging it. When baking, you use a rolling pin to flatten the dough; you can do the same for your puzzle.

Don’t Overuse Adhesive

The fragility of puzzles can be maddening, especially when putting on the finishing touches. Choosing the right adhesive to keep your puzzle intact is another vital framing component. You’ll want to spread your adhesive of choice evenly using something with a straight edge like a business card.

If you decide to use brushes, be careful because you may leave stroke marks on the pieces. No matter what you choose, the key is to use adhesive in moderation. Using too much adhesive may cause it to bulge and peel.

Use Wax Paper

Although you’ve attached your puzzle pieces together with adhesive, you may want to provide further support with wax paper. Even though it’s thin, you’ll need to account for whatever extra thickness the wax paper adds. Pairing wax paper with the adhesive of your choosing works to give you a beautifully framed puzzle. All that is left is finding the perfect spot in your home to show it off.

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