4 Reasons Why You Should Venture Into Puzzle Playing Games

4 Reasons Why You Should Venture Into Puzzle Playing Games

Recently, children have been spending their free time on screens playing games. However, some of these games decelerate the development of a child's brain. This affects their performance in class and life, and as parents, it’s essential to change that trend in order to help them realize a better future.

Communication between parents and kids has negatively changed as well. Imagine sitting in a room with your phone and your kid holding his tablet. You’ll never bond, and when it comes to solving real-life issues, the child will be challenged.

The sooner you introduce your child to puzzle games, the faster they're going to get back on track. Since the brain makes its first interconnection with its cells before a child turns 10, the child will be able to connect and solve easy puzzles to 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles.

Here is why your kid should play puzzles.


It Comes In Mobile Apps

The main problem why kids are not playing is because they are spending a lot of time on phones. But, what if you install puzzle app on the phone? The child will continue spending more time on the phone, but this time doing something recreational. Isn't that what you're looking for? Besides, puzzles will remain on the phone, and the child can replay them. Each time a child replays the puzzles, it becomes more straightforward, and they improve the time which they spend solving a puzzle.

Solving Puzzles Exercises Kid's Brain

Harnessing both your left and right brain to solve moderately difficult puzzles enhance your brain function. While the left side of the brain is logical and therefore follows a sequence, the right side of the brain is creative and intuitive. Thus when the two sides of the brain are at work, there is harnessed power to solve the polar express game.

Developing Emotional Skills

When you first see a puzzle, you set a goal to achieve it. Same thing when it comes to kids. Remember they are humans too, but the same mind may be better. So, children set goals also. They may not show it, but observe their reaction when they solve a puzzle then you'll realize they feel like they just achieved something.

Additionally, puzzles develop patience in a child. They have to continually play the game before they eventually hit their target.

Cognition Skills Development

The polar express game starts with simple shapes before proceeding to complex shapes. A child learns to place the forms in the right position. As the coordination between hands, eyes, and brain continuously develop, the more the child exposes himself to tough puzzles.

Additionally, a child's memory is developed such that they can remember a particular shape can fit only in one specific place. If that is not critical thinking, what is? Besides, you can’t cheat doing a puzzle. You have to think until you come up with a solution.

Take Away

You can get your child to do recreational activities. You can start with the Polar Express game, which has a variety of games your child can choose from, all of which help in child development.