3 Expert Jigsaw Puzzle Strategies and Techniques

If you are unfamiliar with the process of solving jigsaw puzzles, don't worry because many people are in the same boat. It takes some time to feel confident, like any skill. Following these three expert jigsaw puzzle strategies and techniques will put you on the path to success.


Find a Happy Place

For an artist to work their magic, they need to have a dedicated space. Feeling cornered and cramped in a location doesn't allow you to shift your focus and spread your wings.

Before taking the plastic wrapping off the box, you must set up a workspace optimized for puzzle-solving. Don’t set up your puzzle station in a high-traffic room. Find a well-lit, tranquil room that won't lead to any interruptions. The last thing you want is someone's clumsy actions to damage your hard work.

A novice may start working on a puzzle in a place most convenient to them, leading to many distractions. Find a room away from everyone else with no distractions to grab your interest, and especially no phones within reach. If you can create a peaceful puzzle space, you will become a jigsaw puzzle aficionado.

Group Pieces Together in Sorting Trays

Now that you’ve set up an appropriate space, it's time to open your puzzle and flip each piece over so the picture side faces up. 

While this may feel monotonous, it will save you time and set up each subsequent step. There's no need to try and fit parts together yet. The whole purpose of this strategy is to group the pieces by your choosing to expedite the process of completing them. If you seek 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles for sale, you’ll find that two random pieces rarely link together.

Once you have everything in order, you can break it down further. Look at the finished product on the front of the box and group the pieces according to that image. The most effective grouping method is by color, but the pattern is an alternative way to sort the pieces. 

Expert puzzlers utilize sorting trays to rummage through the pieces, so it may be worth the investment if you become an enthusiast. 

Complete It by Sections

Typically, the best way to start building your puzzle is to fill in the border first. Doing so gives you a frame of reference, letting you picture things more clearly as you continue to work.

Once the border is complete, you can go through your sorted pieces and solve distinguishable sections of the puzzle. Things like people's faces, signs, and buildings are obvious as you sort, making them a solid choice for your next target. Before you know it, most of the puzzle is complete, leaving you with only the most challenging parts.

Using these three expert jigsaw puzzle strategies and techniques goes a long way in swiftly completing a challenging puzzle. MasterPieces Puzzles & Games has a large selection available for sports fanatics and puzzle buffs alike. Browse our inventory and find your next puzzle today!