15 Creative Ways To Repurpose Old Jigsaw Puzzles

Putting together a jigsaw puzzle is one of the most relaxing and rewarding things you can do on any given day. Once you’ve put it together, it may seem there’s nothing else left to do with it. Fortunately, we can tell you 15 creative ways to repurpose old jigsaw puzzles to turn that solved puzzle into innovative décor.


Wall Art

There are endless options when you attempt to make wall art with your old jigsaw pieces. One of the most popular recommendations is making a world map to display. You can do this by getting a blank centerboard and picture frame. Then, grab a 750- to 1000-piece puzzle, and you can become an amateur cartographer.


A simple project that doesn’t take a lot of creativity is making a monogram. You can buy the letters of your initials, take some old puzzle pieces of varying colors, and create a stylish monogram you can hang on the wall. You can buy several small prints and spell your child’s full name if you want a true challenge. It’s the perfect piece to hang above a child’s bed in their room.


You wouldn’t think there is much to do with the back of puzzle pieces, considering they are plain old cardboard. However, the blank cardboard permits you to work on a blank canvas, painting fun designs to create your art. You can paint some funny animals, use glitter, or create an entirely new puzzle. Ideally, you will want to use large puzzle pieces for this project. However, you can use small pieces if you have a thin paintbrush, a steady hand, and a magnifying glass to fine-tune the details for the smaller pieces.


You cannot decorate for the holiday season without DIY crafts from your children. Whether it’s beautiful white snowflakes, ornaments, or something for Saint Nicholas himself, you won’t run low on ideas. Regardless of what you or your kiddo decides, it’s a wonderful way to spruce up the tree and have decorations that you can pass down through generations.


As previously stated, holidays lend themselves to several creative ideas. One of those beautiful suggestions is making a wreath. When they hear the word wreath, most people think of Christmas. However, there are many festive days that you can make a wreath for the celebration. Plus, you can try other wreath variations, like making a shamrock for Saint Patrick’s Day.


Snowflakes, another Christmas-themed decoration, will go with your ornaments and wreaths. An old puzzle, glitter, and white spray paint get you on the right path to turning your home into a winter wonderland. Doing a project like this might help those in warmer climates who do not experience winter weather. Singing Christmas songs doesn’t tug on your heartstrings in the same way without snow.


Don’t put away your crafting tools after taking down stockings for Santa—Cupid’s Day is right around the corner! Rarely is something as effective as heart-shaped decorations. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more look better when there’s a heart attached to them. Therefore, use those old pieces and get to work. If not for Valentine’s Day, you can also have your children make it for a birthday or Mother’s Day. The beauty of the heart is that it lasts year-round.


Pumpkins, ghosts, and other harvest-type symbols add some pizzazz to the interior and exterior of your home. Making a jack-o’-lantern with orange and green puzzle pieces will make that pumpkin-spice latte taste better.

Picture Frame

Sometimes, a basic frame does not do your art justice, inspiring you to get creative. How about a two-for-one idea that can be charming? You can create a picture frame out of puzzle pieces for your artwork (which you can also make with puzzle pieces!).


Another easy project you can try is making a necklace out of old pieces, especially if the gift comes from your heart. For example, consider giving loved ones distinctive puzzle pieces that fit together, joining as one if you got together.


Any avid reader probably has a multitude of bookmarks in their possession, but do any of them have any special meaning? Making a bookmark out of puzzle pieces is effortless, and it can be as straightforward as you want it to be. You can make a traditional vertical one, or you can use a paperclip and a piece to slide in your book. Whatever you choose works beautifully, and you don’t have to be an arts-and-crafts wizard to do it.

One-Eyed Monsters

There’s nothing a googly eye, glue, and paint cannot improve! You can use these supplies to make something useful out of your old jigsaws. Any elementary activity that the kids will enjoy is something worth contemplating. Making some fun creatures or monsters sparks their imaginations, allowing you to sit back and watch them work their magic.


Your refrigerator is likely full of magnets, but some of them might be for your local plumber or HVAC specialist. To hang up the finger turkeys and family portraits from your children, you need some unique magnets to show off your future Picassos. Using your knowledge from middle school science, build your magnet with the pieces of your choosing. You won’t regret it.


There are few things most children love more than critters and bugs. In an attempt to keep the real things out of the house, opt for making one out of puzzle pieces. What makes butterflies so intriguing is that they are colorful, giving you insight into the type of pieces you want. Another fun insect you can work on together is a ladybug, considering that you will likely have an assortment of red and black pieces.


Surely a sports fanatic has their fair share of sports puzzles lying around the home. If you’re sick of looking at the same old stadium or team, you can turn it into the ball of your choosing to hang on the wall. Adding wall art of a baseball or football can make your sports den pop.

Hopefully, you will enjoy trying one of the 15 creative ways to repurpose old jigsaw puzzles for your next arts-and-crafts project. Although, if you want a new puzzle to conquer, check out our selection at MasterPieces Puzzles & Games. You’ll have no issue finding something you like, and then you can try one of these projects once you complete it!