How To Choose the Best Jigsaw Puzzle for You

Puzzles have risen in popularity, as they help people unwind and divert their attention from the stressors of everyday life. Solving a jigsaw puzzle can be a relaxing, leisurely activity, especially if you pick one that suits you. Whether you’re teaching yourself to stimulate your brain or limit your binge-watching behaviors, knowing how to choose the best jigsaw puzzle for you can be a thorough process.


Space Availability & Piece Size

When purchasing a puzzle to entertain yourself, the size of the area you intend to work at is a consideration that you can easily overlook. If you don’t have a vivid imagination of how everything will fit, you’ll want to set aside at least half as much room for organizing and arranging the box. This will guide you toward a final resolution.

An avid puzzler may know that a panoramic version requires more room than a standard puzzle. Therefore, it’s best to relocate your endeavors in a quiet yet spacious room to give you space to work.

Another component of size is the pieces. Puzzlers with optical or physical challenges are more likely to favor puzzles with bigger pieces. Children and seniors may enjoy these options, figuring they are easier to handle than the miniature pieces of a thousand-piece version.


Generally speaking, the more pieces you have, the trickier a puzzle will be to complete. Yet, the number of pieces doesn’t determine the difficulty but rather the style of the portrait. A standard 500-piece puzzle is perfect for beginners or those up for a quick challenge, while a 1000-piece puzzle is the most popular option among puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. 

Once you conquer a 1000-piece puzzle, you may want to challenge yourself with a 1500 or 2000-piece jigsaw. The larger puzzles are typically for seasoned puzzlers, so it’s best to avoid these options until you feel comfortable with more elementary versions. Of course, make sure you have the living quarters to accommodate a massive puzzle.

Piece Style

Despite their appearance to the naked eye, all puzzle pieces aren’t exactly the same. Usually, there are two styles of cut for generating pieces of a puzzle: ribbon cut and random cut. 

With a ribbon cut, most parts are consistent in shape. Ribbon cuts provide you with a reference point for the outside border, which is advantageous. However, when working in vast regions of a single color, the forms may not always be immediately discernible. That’s part of the charm of attempting more challenging puzzles. 

The irregular cut gets its name because of its randomness. You may have one piece that looks nothing like other pieces in that section. The primary concern with irregular cut pieces is that they can be fickle when trying to lock them into place.

Puzzle Attributes

The thickness of a board is variable to determine the quality of the puzzle. Usually, a higher-quality puzzle is 2mm thick. You’ll discover greater consistency in your puzzle construction when you choose a sturdier puzzle board. The pieces will be less prone to fold, unravel, or damage.

Glare can be frustrating because you may not see the picture vividly. To help, several manufacturers have come up with ways to minimize the glare on the image. Maybe purchase one without a glossy finish rather than moving the completed masterpiece around the home to find the perfect light.  

Theme & Imagery

The wide variety of puzzles on the market means that everyone can find something they like. When searching for puzzle themes, familiarizing yourself with the collections or creators may help leave you on the straight and narrow. In fact, it may be as enjoyable of a task to shop for your next puzzle as it is completing it. In many cases, puzzles become recognized for types of imagery, and puzzlers may favor a unique style or artist.

Do a Collection

Finding a collection of puzzles is the best method to spend your time. It’s not uncommon for a business to use a single artist or style for a series of puzzles. For those who want to preserve their puzzles, this offers a compilation of photos that look amazing together mounted on a wall. They may even transition from one scene into the next, producing a much bigger picture combining numerous smaller puzzles.

Mixing It Up

Some puzzles can incorporate fascinating and complex twists to throw a wrench in your traditional puzzle-solving tactics. There are some companies that simply hint at the final product rather than including the completed picture on the box cover. This technique can scramble your brain, but the stimulation may be worth it. It’s good to mix things up with your jigsaw passion now and again.

Other selections include puzzles that follow a story or a double-sided version. The lovely thing about a double-sided puzzle is you can choose which side you want to display. Or you can alternate it, so your walls always have a fresh look. 

Handy Helpers

Once you’ve acquired your puzzle, there are a few accessories that will make the puzzling experience more comfortable and less taxing. While adequate lighting is a plus, you may also want a secure space to store your puzzle while the process is ongoing. For example, you may need your table for a dinner party, requiring you to move the puzzle off the premises. Additionally, a pet or loved one may inadvertently destroy it or lose a piece.

Using accessories like a puzzle roll or portfolio protects your piece and provides an additional storing method. Additionally, an item like a storage tray helps organize your pieces in an efficient manner. Organizing them by color or in any other fashion may be tedious if the room doesn’t allow it, so these trays are worth the investment. These circumstances explain why you need to be careful where you put your puzzle.

By following the steps on how to choose the best jigsaw for you, you’ll be happy to show off the results. Grab yourself some glue and a puzzle frame, and show off your work of art. You can check out MasterPieces Puzzles & Games’ online puzzle store to find your ideal match. We have puzzles ranging in difficulty and size, so the opportunities are endless! Order now and get free shipping for all orders above $50!