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Enter our Works of Ahhh "Plan Your Project" 3D Painting Craft Kit Contest!


  • You must be between the ages of 4 and 13 to enter.
  • Use the Works of Ahhh… 3D Painting App to "Plan Your Project.”
    *If you don’t have access to download the app, that’s ok! You can still enter the contest.
  • Your real wood craft kit must match your Works of Ahhh… 3D Painting App planned project.
  • You must use at least one of every accessory that is included in your kit (stickers, stencils, gems, etc.).
  • Provide both a screen capture of your 3D project and a photograph of your newly finished painted craft kit.

Please ask an adult to help you fill out and submit the entry form. The winner, who will be notified via email, will receive a free craft kit of their choice and will be featured here on our website with their winning Works of Ahhh…!

By submitting this form you are agreeing wtih the contest rules and consenting to MasterPieces publishing your artwork on our website.

Current WINNER
Previous WINNER

Works of Ahh winner Royal C.

Name: Royal C.

From: Germantown, TN

Age: 6

Product: Jewelry Box

Read about the Artist

7/2016: Avery D., Age 4
Product: Fairy Garden

5/2016: Beau P., Age 4
Product: Jewelry Box

4/2016: Grace R., Age 11
Product: Lighthouse

3/2016: Kyla J., Age 9
Product: Jewelry Box

2/2016: Sarah R., Age 7
Product: Secret Diary

1/2016: Brecklyn H., Age 4
Product: Secret Diary

12/2016: Aidan T., Age 10
Product: Nutcracker Prince

9/2015: Alexis T., Age 9
Product: Secret Diary

8/2015: Bradley T., Age 9
Product: Treasure Chest

7/2015: Lillian Grace S., Age 9
Product: Birdhouse Kit

6/2015: Kacie C., Age 4
Product: Jewelry Box

5/2015: Ximena H., Age 4
Product: Birdhouse Kit

4/2015: Kendra K., Age 12
Product: Birdhouse Kit

3/2015: Quinlan S., Age 7
Product: Sailboat Kit

2/2015: Gabriella M., Age 7
Product: Piggy Bank

1/2015: Haidyn W., Age 9
Product: Birdhouse Kit