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Plan Your Project Winner

Name: Quinlan S. Age: 7
City: Tucson State: AZ
About the Artist:

Hi I'm Quin. I'm seven years old. I finished my sailboat painting project and I worked hard. I used a color pattern; green, red, green, yellow all around my boat. I used brown for the deck and green again for the wheel. My sails are white because every boat I've seen has white sails. There is a bird on my sail and a pirate symbol but only to use as a decoy to ward off enemies. The anchor is red so when it is launched, animals in the sea under the water will know to be careful and not get hurt by its weight. Also, did you know there are rules about anchors and where they are allowed to drop in the ocean because of coral reefs? My sailboat follows the ocean rules and I DO NOT over fish like some people. Well that's my boat.

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