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The Adventures of Robin Hood

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Adventures of Robin Hood - Buried Blueprints 19.25"x26.75" 1,000Pc Puzzle by Al Lorenz. Deep in the safety of the forest, you gather your merry men. King John has taken over the throne, and forced you into Sherwood's protection. While the nobles, in their jewels, dance and spar, the poor look only to you. Each piece brings you closer to your goal, the downfall of Richard's brother. With rich men's gold in your coffers, you step up for the attack. Drawing your bow taut, this is your final chance. Set your sights on the target and take aim at the final piece. Welcome to the Adventures of Robin Hood, a puzzle of epic intrigue and conspiracy.
Item Number SKU 71354
  • Piece Count1000
  • Puzzle Size23"x29"
  • Box Size10.5x9x2.5
  • Artist NameAl Lorenz
  • Frame URLS/products/1000pc-Frame-Natural-Wood-1925-x-2675__50402.aspx
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