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One to One

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One to One - Carl Brenders Wildlife Collection 19.25"x26.75" 1,000Pc Puzzle. Brenders' love for all creatures from friendly to ferocious is evident in his masterful attention to detail and anatomical perfection. "On one of my trips to Yellowstone, I followed a coyote and he brought me to one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen in the park. The harmony of the dry grasses and the different colored rocks, from blacks to blues, excited me. I hope the coyote will not be jealous that I painted a wolf instead."
Item Number SKU 71325
  • Piece Count1000
  • Puzzle Size19.25"x26.75"
  • Box Size8x8x2.25
  • Artist NameCarl Brenders
  • Frame URLSNo Frame Option
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