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Egyptian Chronicles

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Egyptian Chronicles - Buried Blueprints 19.25"x26.75" 1,000Pc Puzzle by Al Lorenz. What will be revealed as you dig deeper? Advanced Engineering and the Exodus, uncovered with the flip of a new piece. Reveal all the secrets, of the mummies and their mommies. Digging out through hidden labyrinths to the sacred tombs. Will the final piece crack open the door and show all the magnificent mysteries hidden from the world? Not just the final piece of a puzzle, but a piece of history. Welcome to an Egyptian Chronicle, a puzzle filled with the mummy's hoard.
Item Number SKU 71352
  • Piece Count1000
  • Puzzle Size23"x29"
  • Box Size10.5x9x2.5
  • Artist NameAl Lorenz
  • Frame URLSNo Frame Option
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