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Autumn Lady

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Autumn Lady - Carl Brenders Wildlife Collection 19.25"x26.75" 1,000Pc Puzzle. Brenders' love for all creatures from friendly to ferocious is evident in his masterful attention to detail and anatomical perfection. "During a trip to Canada to study the autumn colors, I saw a curious white-tailed doe watching me nearby. The light was very soft and the moment so beautiful that I completely forgot about the rain and the cold weather. This encounter - the inspiration for this painting - left a very happy feeling in my heart for the rest of the day."
Item Number SKU 71324
  • Piece Count1000
  • Puzzle Size19.25"x26.75"
  • Box Size8x8x2.25
  • Artist NameCarl Brenders
  • Frame URLSNo Frame Option
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